Data Recovery Done In store

At Vivid Computers we pride ourselves on providing a specialist level service at your local computer shop.

We’ve invested in over $50,000 worth of equipment to bring you the highest level data recovery service at a reasonable price.

All you'll pay for standard Data Recovery is $400 at Vivid

Standard data recovery covers most data recovery scenarios. Basically as long as we don’t have to physically pull apart your drive to repalce heads we’re able to keep our prices under the $400 mark. 

This includes… 

Hard Drive Data Recovery

When a spinning hard drive fails, in many cases its still possible to recover the data very cost effectively. 

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data recovery presents its own set of challenges, with no moving parts SSD’s fail for different reasons to traditional HDD’s

USB Data Recovery

USB devices can be surprisingly fragile. We’re able to re-solder and reconnect you with your data. 

Deleted Data Recovery

Sometimes the backup’s aren’t working. If you’ve accidentally deleted a critical file, please power off our machine and get in touch!

Why Vivid Computers for Data Recovey?

We have the tools and equipment right here for your data recovery.

We don’t need to send your hard drive or data off in over 90% of cases. So your job can be attended to quickly and in a much more cost effective way. 

If we don’t succeed You don’t pay.

With the exception of a “deleted files” recovery, unless we recover your data there is no fee for our standard data recovery. 

Get an answer quickly

As we do your recovery right here, we can often give you a fair estimate of our success, within the same day and even while you wait in some cases!

25k+ of Equipment and training

While we’re not a “specialist” data recovery lab, we’ve got many of the same tools and equipment that the bigger and much more expensive companies use.