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Vivid Computers will get your iMac running faster than ever.

We service all makes and models, even those no longer supported by Apple.

We can upgrade your Ram, Storage, OS and more.

If your iMac isn’t running as it should we offer free quotes and assessment in store. 

iMac Repair and Upgrade

iMac Repairs

iMac Upgrades

Boot your iMac with Amazing Speed

See how our upgrade and tune up process makes this iMac boot up in only 15 seconds!

Before the tune up, this iMac took over a minute to start up, and was still quite slow for anybody to use. 

With our upgrade and repair options we’ll bring new life to your new iMac and give you many more years of happy computing. 

Vivid Computers
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Great customer service and clear response on quote, worked through Covid and was still able to have repaired and ready for pick up within a couple days! I believe to have extended the life of my Mac for more than 4 years!! Thanks guys!!
James and Gary at Vivid did a great job on my 8 year old desktop, its like a new machine with the new solid state memory. I have been using Vivid for over 15 years they are friendly, communicative nerds (in the best sense) and I can recommend them. Ivan and Toni
Okay, my Apple MacBook Pro decided to die on me, mid sentence with every deadline imaginable to meet. I need an Apple tech, an increasingly rare commodity, I need my laptop fixed fast. I did one google search & within minutes found myself driving down Grange Rd, looking for Vivid computers. I was introduced to this quirky guy James, "I suppose you need your notebook back today," "er, yes please". 45 minutes later I was again driving down Grange Rd, only this time I was heading home, notebook fixed. Amazing service!!
Had issues with my MacBook. Spoke to Apple support and they said it was one thing and to take it in to get it fixed. Took it in to James at Vivid - ended up being something totally different. Fixed the issue quickly - even saved me some extra money. Great service. Highly recommend!!!

Our iMac Services

iMac Storage Upgrade

Upgrading your iMac storage is a great way to extend the life of your system. Changing from a Fusion drive to an SSD will result in a massive performance improvement. 

SSD, HDD and Fusion Drive

Upgrading your iMac to an SSD will give you a massive improvement in speed and performance. If your iMac is otherwise working well, an SSD is the best most cost effective option. We can install up to 8TB of SSD storage!

Broken Screen

Breaking an iMac screen is not a fun day, but it can be replaced. Our skilled technicians can safely remove your iMac screen to upgrade internal components. 

Ram Upgrades

Depending on your iMac model, your Ram can be easily upgraded using the rear ram slot. Unfortunately many iMac models require the screen to be professionally removed. 

OSX Upgrades

If your iMac is stuck on an older version the team at Vivid Computers can help get your system to the highest supported level. 

No Power / White Screen

If your imac is not booting your internal storage may be failing. We offer a free assessment and quote for all non booting iMacs. 

iMac Repair Process

Device Inspection

It helps to get to the bottom of why your iMac needs a tune up. Sometimes there can be a software issue, other times there is something wrong with your hardware.

Quotes and Upgrades

We give 100% free quotes on all our work. A full computer tune up is a fixed price of $150 and includes a large number of software and hardware fixes. If anything else is required, we'll give you a call before we do any more work!

Tune Up and repairs

Our computer tune up service includes 50 or so checks and tools to ensure that your laptop or desktop will run as well as possible. We even clean out the dust to make sure your PC is running cool!

checkup and Warranty

Sometimes we might miss something with your tune up but don't worry! If your computer is still slow after this service, just bring it back in and we'll continue our work absolutely free.

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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