Mac Screen Replacement

Oh No! your Macbook has a broken screen and life as you know it is over.

BUT don’t stress because Vivid Computers has a wide range of mac screens IN store for immediate repalcement.

If it’s not in store, we usually recieve them within 24hours!

Contact Vivid Computers about your Mac Screen Replacement today!

Mac Screen Repair

Screen Replacement Time

Is it the screen?

Is it the graphics?

Is it something else?

Let us find out FOR SURE in store with our free assessment and quote. 

90% our screen repalcements are completed within 48hrs of quote approval. 

Screen Replacement Cost

Most of our screen replacements cost between $500 and $1300. 

Most of the macbooks post 2017 have cheaper screens and can be replaced for around $650 – $750.

Prices change fairly often from our suppliers (thanks COVID) so please give us a call to confirm your pricing. 

Payment Plans Available

We offer no interest payment plans through Skye Finance for all screen repairs so you can get your screen fixed TODAY and pay it off over 10 weeks. 

Vivid Computers
Based on 150 reviews
Great customer service and clear response on quote, worked through Covid and was still able to have repaired and ready for pick up within a couple days! I believe to have extended the life of my Mac for more than 4 years!! Thanks guys!!
James and Gary at Vivid did a great job on my 8 year old desktop, its like a new machine with the new solid state memory. I have been using Vivid for over 15 years they are friendly, communicative nerds (in the best sense) and I can recommend them. Ivan and Toni
Okay, my Apple MacBook Pro decided to die on me, mid sentence with every deadline imaginable to meet. I need an Apple tech, an increasingly rare commodity, I need my laptop fixed fast. I did one google search & within minutes found myself driving down Grange Rd, looking for Vivid computers. I was introduced to this quirky guy James, "I suppose you need your notebook back today," "er, yes please". 45 minutes later I was again driving down Grange Rd, only this time I was heading home, notebook fixed. Amazing service!!
Had issues with my MacBook. Spoke to Apple support and they said it was one thing and to take it in to get it fixed. Took it in to James at Vivid - ended up being something totally different. Fixed the issue quickly - even saved me some extra money. Great service. Highly recommend!!!

Mac Screen Prices - Pre Order Coming Soon

These prices are a guide only. We try to keep them as accurate as possible however we reserve the right to maintain all in store quotes are final.


Macbook Air Screen
$ 450 Parts and Labour
  • Complete LCD Replacement

A1706 / A1708

Macbook Pro Screen
$ 650 Parts and Labour
  • Complete LCD Replacement


Macbook Pro Screen
$ 750 Parts and Labour
  • Complete LCD Replacement


Macbook Air
$ 700 Parts and Labour
  • Complete LCD Replacement


Macbook Air
$ 750 Parts and Labour
  • Complete LCD Replacement


Macbook Air
$ 720 Parts and Labour
  • Complete LCD Replacement


Macbook M1 Screen
$ 800 Parts and Labour
  • Complete LCD Replacement

Apple / Mac Screen Replacement

Macbook Air Screen Replacement

We can replace your Macbook Air Screen from the A1466 right up to the new M1 Max and beyond.

Macbook Pro Screen Replacement

We do a lot of Macbook Pro screen replacements. 

We can replace yours too!

Second Hand Screens

Sometimes a macbook dies, but it’s screen is still OK!

We sometimes have these screens available for fitting. Let us know when you bring in your computer if this is of interest to you!

Refurbished Screens

Due to the high cost of Mac Screens, some wholesalers are offering a refurbishment service. 

These screens are usually $60 cheaper than a new screen. If you’d like to use a refurbished screen please let us know. 

Need it Faster?

If you need your screen done in a hurry we can help.

We try to keep common models in store, but if we don’t have yours we can sometimes accelerate the shipping process.

iMac Screen Replacement

iMac screens usually break when a user tries an upgrade, or moves house!

We can quote, supply and install a new iMac screen.

Mac Screen Repair Process

Device Inspection

It helps to get to the bottom of why your laptop isn't working as it should. Sometimes there can be a software issue, other times there is something wrong with your hardware.

Quotes and Upgrades

We give 100% free quotes on all our work. Sometimes you don't need a new screen, just a replacement battery (it happens!)

Tune Up and repairs

Once the quote is approved we'll order or install your parts as required.

checkup and Warranty

Sometimes we might miss something with your tune up but don't worry! If your computer is still slow (or not working properly) after this service, just bring it back in and we'll continue our work absolutely free.

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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