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Mac Repairs Adelaide

Apple repair prices are notoriouly high which is why we remain an independent 3rd party repairer.

We’re not limited to following the Apple script of what is, and is not (apparently) repairable. 

If you’re not happy with your Apple diagnosis, or just want a cheaper price for the exact same repair. Then pop in to Vivid Computers for a free assessment and quote. 

No appointment Required. 

Our Services - Mac Repairs Adelaide

We repair all makes and models of Apple Macbooks iMacs, Macbook Pros and More. 

In Warranty 

Out ot Warranty



We repair them all!

Mac Upgrades

We can upgrade your Macbooks Ram and Storage to have it running better than new!

Mac Screen Repairs

We offer next day screen replacements for most Macbook’s. 

Most Macs less than 5 years old cost between $550 – $700

Mac Battery Replacement

We can replace your macbook battery in house and for a fraction of the price Apple charges. 

Mac Water Damage / Board Repair

Board repairs done in house by our resident technician (James) or if he can’t figure it out you can elect to use our repair partners. 

Mac Software Issues

Updates not working or software spitting the dummy? We can help. 

Mac Tune Up

Have a repair issue that’s not listed here? Changes are we can fix it! Pop in for a free quote and find out. 

Mac repairs at Vivid Computers

We are not Apple Certified. But we would’t want to be. 

This means we can replace your screen IN HOUSE. 

We can repair your Water Damaged Board IN HOUSE

We can recover your data IN HOUSE

WE can get your repair done faster and for less cost and less stress. 

Give new life to your older Macbook or iMac

Apple ‘gives up’  on any Mac that is more than about 3 years old. 

We’d like to change your perspective. Take a look at the video to watch how we’re able to dramatically improve the performance of this 12+ year old iMac for less than $500!

Fast Mac Repairs

You don’t have to send your mac away to get it fixed. At Vivid Computers most of our repairs are done in house from board repair to screen replacement. 

This means you’re not waiting for your mac to be shipped around the world. Get it repaired right here, and usually for much less than Apple. 

Mac Screen Replacements

Mac Repairs - No Appointment Required

That’s right – We do FREE quotes AND you don’t need an appointment. 

Just pop into Vivid Computers during our opening hours and we’ll try to get your quote done same day.

Most mac repairs are done within 3 business days.