Computer Tune Up - Laptop and Desktops

If your computer is running slow, or just not working right. Make sure you bring it in for a computer tune up. 

Our experience technicians will perform over 50 checks, tests and optimisations to make your laptop or desktop PC as good as new. 

We Tune Up your Computer

Our computer tune up service is for laptops and deskops where something is not quite right! 

We conduct over 100 different software and hardware checks in our fully equipped workshop. We’ll clean your system from top to bottom and get it running as good as new. This covers software issues, slow laptops. update issues, overheating computers and much much more. 

We may also recommend various upgrades and replacement parts based on what we’ve found. 

Desktop Ram Upgrade

Increasing the RAM in your computer can make it run much faster. 

RAM allows more programs to run at the same time. 

Hard Drive Health

A failing hard drive is the most serious cause of a slow computer. No software tune up will fix this. 

A fast assesssment is needed to save your data!

Dust Clean

Excessive dust makes your computer hot, which in turn causes it to run very slow. 

A hot computer may fail, or even catch fire! 

Software Tune Up

Over time, people install programs which aren’t always needed. Removing these programs will speed up your computer. 

Windows updates

Sometimes a Windows update may fail, or even cause a problem. 

We can update your PC and make sure it’s behaving properly. 

Laptop Tune Up

Laptop Computers need a special tune up protocol as they’re designed to be an all in one unit. 

A well looked after laptop will last many years. 

Vivid Computers
Based on 144 reviews
Jill H
Jill H
00:23 16 Mar 22
Highly recommend Vivid Computers. Friendly, efficient service. Dropped off my laptop, received diagnosis and quote for repair that day. Would have been able to pick it up the following afternoon but for COVID hiccup which forced them to close temporarily. Very happy with their work. They will be my go to from now on for any issues I have.
Heated G.
Heated G.
01:23 13 Jul 21
Took my laptop to James and had prompt and effective service to resolve my problem. Highly recommend and will be back for any future IT service requirements. Many thanks
04:02 08 Jul 21
Guys are amazing really help me out with my PC
Kon Van K.
Kon Van K.
10:08 04 Mar 21
Needed a screw to hold a new ssd drive in my laptop. Vivid Computer were more than happy to help and gave me the "$1000 screw" for 4 nil. Really helpful both on the phone and in person.

Our Tune Up Process

Device Inspection

It helps to get to the bottom of why your laptop or desktop needs a tune up. Sometimes there can be a software issue, other times there is something wrong with your hardware.

Quotes and Upgrades

We give 100% free quotes on all our work. A full computer tune up is a fixed price of $150 and includes a large number of software and hardware fixes. If anything else is required, we'll give you a call before we do any more work!

Tune Up and repairs

Our computer tune up service includes 50 or so checks and tools to ensure that your laptop or desktop will run as well as possible. We even clean out the dust to make sure your PC is running cool!

checkup and Warranty

Sometimes we might miss something with your tune up but don't worry! If your computer is still slow after this service, just bring it back in and we'll continue our work absolutely free.

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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