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Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptops are great but they can take quite a beating which is why you might need us to repair your laptop hinge. 

Laptop hinges very greatly in quality. Many of the new designs are simply not good as you can see in the background image there is very little connecting your computer to the screen.

Laptop Hinge Repair

Mac Repair Adelaide

HP Laptop Hinge

In new HP Touchscreen Laptops, there is a tendancy for the hinge to push out through the front of the screen.

This can also break the glass so it’s important not to use the hinge if this starts happening. 

Dell laptop Hinge

Dell laptops have changed their design, resulting in a very high incicence of hinge failure.

The screws which connect the hinge to the back plastic of the screen fail, causing the entire screen to flop around with only one connected side.  

Front and Back Plastic

Front Bezel

We can also repair the front bezel of the laptop. This is usually replaced with a brand new one. 

When the bezel fails the screen can also be damaged, and the hinge mechanism is also at risk of failure. 

Mac Repair Adelaide

Top Case Replacement

Sometimes the hinge will fail from the bottom of the laptop. In this situation the hinge mechansim literally shatters the bottom casing of the computer. 

Mac Repair Adelaide

Total Repair

Hinge, Top Case, Chassis?

Whatever your issue with the outside of the comptuer it can usually be repaired. 


Touch Screen Hinges

With most touchscreen computers, the entire top assembly will need to be replaced. 

Unfortunately this makes the repair a  lot more expensive, however in some cases it can be quicker than replacing individual parts. 

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Laptop hinge repair process

Mac Repair Adelaide

Device Inspection

We really really really need to take apart your laptop to see what components are broken, and how badly broken they are.

Repair or Replace

Once the damage has been determined and replacement parts costs we'll let you know a quote and if it's worth repairing

The work Begins

Once you've approved your quote and the parts have arrived we'll get to work repairing your laptop hinge.

While You Wait

Most laptops with broken hinges are not repairable. We can usually offer you a free loan laptop while you wait for the repair.

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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