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Apple Board Repair

We pride ourselves on offering component level board repair in store. 

Our skilled technicians will assess your Mac for water damage, short circuit or component failure.

Free quotes in store and there is no appointment required. 

Macbook Board Repair: Done in store

This basic diagnostic tool shows us how much voltage is going into your mac.

Here we see 19.5v and 1.93awhich means that this Mac is probably working perfectly!

Water Damage Repair

Short Circuit Repair

Laptop Battery Replacement

Contact us, and remember that your quote is FREE in-store

If your Mac isn’t starting, there are many reasons for this including, Bad Batteries, Water Damage, Faulty Cable, Falty Charging and more.

Some of these issues are very cheap and easy to repair. Others are complex and may not be economically viable. 

We pride ourselves on providing 100% Free assessment and quotes on all repairs. 

Apple Motherboard Repair - Fixed Price $400. Less $50 attempt fee.

Macbook Water Damage

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Water damage is our most common form of water damage repair.

It doesn’t have to be much water either! Even a single drop can cause laptop failure!

Macbook Data Recovery

computer refurbishment

With new mac’s soldering their hard drives directly onto the board it’s no longer possible to recover the data yourself.

Vivid Computers can fix you mac ‘just enough” to retrieve your data. This service can cost more than a regular board repair. 

Macbook Backlight Issues

Apple Board Repair

A flashing screen or no display may be a screen issue, or it might be an issue with your display circuit.

We’ll do a free assessment and quote and let you know your options. 

Macbook Power Surge

Apple Board Repair

Older macbooks can sometimes suffer from failed internal components and simply “stop working’ for no reason!

These power surges usually require us to replace chips, but once done your mac is back to 100%!

Macbook Battery Replacement

Apple Board Repair

Often with water damage your mac will require a new battery. Vivid Computers can easily replace this for you while we’re repairing the board. 

Please be aware that this comes at an additional cost to the board repair. 

No Power / White Screen

Windows Computer Repair

If your mac is simply behaving strangely it may need a board repair, or it may need a new cable!  

Often it’s impossible to tell without opening it up.

Vivid Computers will do a FREE assessment and quote on all repairs. 

Apple Board Repair Process

Computer Tune Up - Laptop And Desktops
Computer Tune Up - Laptop And Desktops

Device Inspection

It helps to get to the bottom of why your macbook isn't working. Sometimes there can be a software issue, other times there is something wrong with your hardware.

Quotes on Repair

We give 100% free quotes on all our work. Board repairs are priced at $400, and you may also require a battery repalcement as well if your mac is water damaged. We charge a non refundable $50 attempt fee on board repairs.

Tune Up and repairs

Board repairs can take a long time, and sometimes there is no garauntee of success. Please be preparted for your board repair to take up to 10 business days.

checkup and Warranty

All board repairs come with a 90 day warranty for the same issue. If your board is very badly damaged we may discuss alternatives and options that are better than a board repair for your situation.

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Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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