How much do computer repairs cost in Adelaide

If you’re like most people, you probably own a laptop or desktop PC that has developed some sort of problem. If you’re like many tech-savvy people, you’ll know that it can be quite frustrating to find out that there is no quick fix for your computer problems. Computers are expensive, so when something goes wrong, […]

Why Choose Vivid Computers?

Computer repair near me

At Vivid Computers we place our selves as a one stop shop for all of your laptop repair needs. Throughout our years of operation we have experienced a diverse range of repair types across various makes, models and systems that has positioned us as specialists in the laptop repairs field. As a commitment to customers […]

What To Seek In A Computer Repair Company

Seeking a computer repair company? Look no further than Vivid Computers in Adelaide. When seeking a computer repair company, there are factors to consider. For one, the experience and qualifications of the Technician are important. It is optimum for the Technician to have extensive experience in computer repairs so that you can be confident that […]

Fast and Reliable Computer Repairs

Vivid Computers is known in Adelaide for fast and reliable computer repairs. We specialise in repairing units rather than simply offering to replace them and we perform computer repairs such as hardware problems, water damage, overheating, display not working and failed hard drives. Regardless of the brand of computer, the team at Vivid Computers is […]

Professional and Reliable Laptop Repairs Adelaide

Laptop Repairs Adelaide

Local legends for laptop repairs in Adelaide, Vivid Computers leads the way with efficient and professional services. Always delivering quality laptop repairs and handing out honest and trustworthy advice, if you need a fast laptop repair, our team at Vivid provides same-day support with no call-out fee. We also offer a hundred percent free quotations […]

Why Use a Professional for Apple Repairs Adelaide?

Apple Repairs in Adelaide

In a society that has an ever-increasing dependency on technology, if something goes wrong with your MacBook, it can have a significant impact on your daily life. Whether it be a MacBook for work, study or even leisure, if something is not right with your MacBook, then you want to get it sorted as soon […]