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Computers play a fundamental role in everyday activities from students to businesses to companies. Students require computers for studying efficiently, business owners to operate the business and the corporate sector to meet the demand of deliverables.As we know every machine tends to break off or wear and tear. No computer can last endlessly. After prolonged use and time, the computer will start showing up signs of declining speed. No matter, we use adequate care and maintenance which may increase the longevity of the computer but doesn’t save it from the computer repairs and upgrades.We all reach a stage where we would have asked a question: should they replace or repair the computer or the computer parts? There is no certain answer to this question. Sometimes, people would prefer computer repairs, but in some specific situations, replacement is more affordable. We list some examples below.

A proper diagnosis of your computer

When your computer starts to misbehave occasionally, take time to understand it. Taking a wild guess sometimes just puts the computer at risk of greater damage. A computer has various components with each playing a different and vital role. So rather than mere guesswork and trying to save the repair costs you should make a proper diagnosis and find the source of the problem.

Hiring a computer technician is the best way to figure out what is wrong with the system but if you have bits of technical knowledge you might try to diagnose it by yourself. Most importantly, start with checking that it isn’t a software issue by running a virus or malware test. Try checking for updates to the operating system too, if it hasn’t been updated in years it might be time. You can check for hardware issues by using a free trial of programs like HD Tune.

Vivid computer, one of the best computer repairs in Adelaide, has expert computer technicians to help you with best services to assess your computers and ways to fix them.

What is the expensive computer repairs or replacement?

There are various significant situations in which repair and replacements both can be an option. Though in some cases repairs can help fix the damaged parts, in certain cases replacement of part is the feasible option which might cost more and hence the dilemma of deciding to replace the part or replace the computer.

What parts to replace over repair?

There are various parts that if replaced can add extended benefits and increase the longevity of the computer along with providing an excellent user performance for notable years.

Some of the parts are listed below:

·  Fans: They play a role to cool down the computer and prevent damage. As a moving part continuously, it has more tendency to break down and fail. A lot of times the computer can overheat and cause extensive and expensive damage. Hence, repairing a fan is not an advisable option as they aren’t cheap and straightforward to replace.

·  Hard drive: Break down of hard drive, the first thing in mind is data loss. The first rational to a failed hard drive is fixing it to recover data. If you practice constant data backup replacing the hard drive is the better call. A repaired hard drive is a temporary fix and replacing it is the best solution for faster hard drive and larger storage. Moreover, it also provides an opportunity to upgrade from hard disk drive to Solid-State Drive (SSD).

·  Motherboard and processor: A broken motherboard is one of the most critical situations. Though replacing the motherboard offers the owners opportunity to upgrade to the newest technology, it also means starting over again from scratch with data and operating system lost. Thus, a lot of people want to stick to the motherboard if they can hold on to it. Upgrades of the motherboard brings in the chance to encounter new technology like quad CPU over dual CPU and hard drives, video cards and many more.

·  Video Card: One of the costliest parts of the system and is advisable to not try to fix it. Though it may seem like a logical option to save cost it is not effective. However, replacing it would not only be an upgrade but also ensures maximum compatibility.

·  Screen: Another expensive element of a computer, you can do nothing without a screen. Most of the time repairing them is not even possible and hence replacing it altogether is the only option. Ensuring a computer model is compatible with the screen is essential. Your laptop or screen may have some scratches or screen break and repairs may cost higher than the replacement. In such cases, try upgrading to a newer model.

Keyboard: One of the most crucial input units, and banging away on it can render the entire unit useless. Try being gentle while using them so as not to get them stuck in, come off or not respond. In either of those cases, try opting for a newer keyboard model that can be a replacement and works well with the laptop or computer model.

The best computer repairs in Adelaide

It is a hard call to make when making a call to replace, repair or upgrade it. There is no right or wrong answer, just a feasible situation and the cost involved. Just a general thumb rule if a computer is 7 years old and above, try not to fix it and if you do make sure the cost is not over 25% of the new computer. If the cost goes anything around 50% of the cost of a new computer, decide to go in for a latest computer series.

The final decision is always you and many people love to retain their computers or laptops even when repairs are expensive. On the other hand, with some minor faults many people would use it as an opportunity to replace and upgrade with the latest model.

We Vivid Computers is the local computer repairs shop in Adelaide. We always consider our consumers computers as our own property. If you have any question with your computer, please feel free to call us. We offer the free computer assessment. Call us today 08 8121 3311.