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For Mac and PC Repairs

Computer Repair Done Better

We aim to make your repair as smooth and painless as possible. The stages in Green are absolutely free, we want you to proceed with confidence and certainty. 

Free assessment

Yes. Free. 

If you bring your computer to us, we’ll take a look and give you an honest appraisal and quote. 

If you say no, that’s OK. There’s no charge. 

Some conditions apply but we’re clear and up front with these.

No appointment required.  

Quote and Approval

For most of our jobs, this process is still done at no cost to you. We try to get this done within 24 hours. 

For some jobs such as motherboard repair, data recovery and DIY PC builds there may be an attempt fee. 

We aim to keep our customers fully informed with all costs and time frames so they can repair with confidence. 

Parts Ordered

Once we have the costs and timeframes approved we’ll order any parts we don’t have in stock. 

Where possible we get these from Australian suppliers, and with express shipping so you get your computer repaired ASAP.

We may be able to arrange a loan laptop with your data while you wait!

We Repair

The fun part!

We repair and test your device to make sure it is running in tip top shape.

We will even give it a physical clean so it’s not dutsy or grimey when you get it back. 

All devices are tested thoroughly before we notify you that it’s ready for collection. 

Collect your device

The fun part for you! Your computer is all repaired. Simply pay your invoice on pick up and you’re good to go.

Depending on the repair we may also go though a few things with you on your computer. 

90 Day Warranty (or more)

Some problems aren’t always obvious in the shop. 

Don’t worry your support doesn’t leave once you walk out the door. All our repairs come with warranty and the opportunity to bring your machine back if something isn’t right.

We’ll also follow up via email after 2 weeks and 3 months, just to be sure!