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For Mac and PC Repairs

Older Apple Repair

While Apple may consider your mac Vintage, or worse, OBSOLETE we at Vivid Computers understand that you still want your mac to work!

As with all repairs, we offer free quotes and assessments for your older mac computers.

Older Macbook Repairs

Vintage Macs

Obsolete Macs

Older Apple Repair

Boot your iMac with Amazing Speed

See how our upgrade and tune up process makes this iMac boot up in only 15 seconds!

Before the tune up, this iMac took over a minute to start up, and was still quite slow for anybody to use. 

With our upgrade and repair options we’ll bring new life to your new iMac and give you many more years of happy computing. 

Older Macbook Repair

iMac Storage Upgrade

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Upgrading your iMac storage can make it better than new! Save thousands over buying a new iMac and get many more years of productive computing. 

SSD, HDD and Fusion Drive

Older Apple Repair

Mac released many different kinds of storage meduims over the years. Changes are yours would benefit from an upgrade to a newer SSD.

Broken Screen

Laptop Battery Replacement

Older screens are no longer replaced by Apple but Vivid Computers has your back!

Ram Upgrades

Desktop Pc Repair

Upgrading the Ram on your older mac is a cost effective way to get a performace boost.

OSX Upgrades

Older Apple Repair

Your older mac CAN run newer Apple software. If you’re stuck in the past we may be able to help.

Everything else

Asus Laptop Repair

Even if it’s not on this list, chances are we can help fix your older Mac so pop in today for a free quote. 

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Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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