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If you’re like most people, you probably own a laptop or desktop PC that has developed some sort of problem. If you’re like many tech-savvy people, you’ll know that it can be quite frustrating to find out that there is no quick fix for your computer problems. Computers are expensive, so when something goes wrong, the price of a repair is based on the type of repair you need. There are many costs that go into Computer Repairs Adelaide, lets discuss!

The cost of parts

You have may have noticed that the cost of a computer repair has gone up. There are several reasons for this, but among them is the fact that consumers are more aware of how much they are spending on their computers, and they are also more demanding about how they are being serviced. A technician will likely look at several things to determine the cause, from the power supply to the motherboard, and then work to fix it. There are several parts that help make up a computer, and each part has a general cost.


Computers and laptops are extremely important, and it is vital that they can be fixed and repaired when problems arise. Unlike cars and trucks, computers and laptops are very complex and require much more skill and knowledge to fix, and this is why it can become difficult to fix them when they break down. Without a computer repair professional, many people would have a difficult time doing their job, much less running a small business.

Every computer is different and with that comes a wide variety of prices for repairs. When you go to a computer repair shop to fix your computer, you will most likely be charged a flat-rate fee for the job. Computer repairs can be expensive, or they can be cheap. It depends on what you want, what you need, and how much time the technician spends doing the work.

The configuration of your computer

When it comes to computer repair, prices can vary depending on the type of operating system the device is running. An example of this is, an Apple computer will usually have a higher repair cost than a Windows. This is because Apple computers are more complex to handle, require more attention and this can increase the cost of its repair. 

How complex is the repair

A computer is a complex machine thus it must be maintained for it to work. It can be a real challenge to minimize parts needed for a computer to work properly. Once the computer is dissembled, the technician may have to go through several combination of parts to find just the right set of parts to be able to fix the computer. It all depends on the type of computer and how complicated it is. 

Computer repair also varies depending on what components needs to be replaced . In many cases, an issue with a desktops’ screen will be less expensive to fix than a laptop’s screen. Why is that? Well, a laptop’s screen is a complex piece of technology that will take a tremendous amount of skill to fix – and not to mention the cost of the screen itself, while a desktop’s screen will only require the monitor to be replaced.

The computer at hand

The average PC owner has a warranty that can last an average of three years. However, most people have no idea how long their warranty lasts, and many people don’t even bother to check the remaining time on their warranty before purchasing a new computer. It is important that when you buy a new computer that you check the current warranty status of the new computer to understand when you might need repairs done.

If your computer is not performing as well as it used to, and you can’t seem to get things to speed up or make them perform as they should. Vivid Computers are a dedicated team of professionals motivated to helping south Australians repair and save their expensive technology. We are your go to Computer Repairs Adelaidestore next time your computer is giving you grief! Call us on 8121 3311 for a free assessment and quote!