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Dell laptop repair

Dell laptops have often need repairs on the hinges and charging ports.

Our experience technicians can get you a fast quote on our Dell repair, and explain why your Dell laptop might be running so slowly.

Whether you need a Dell laptop repair, or just an update Vivid Comptuers is here for you.

Dell laptop Repair

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Slow dell laptop

Increasing the RAM in your computer can make it run much faster. 

RAM allows more programs to run at the same time. 

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Dell laptop Hinge

A failing hard drive is the most serious cause of a slow computer. No software tune up will fix this. 

A fast assesssment is needed to save your data!

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Dell charging port

Excessive dust makes your computer hot, which in turn causes it to run very slow. 

A hot computer may fail, or even catch fire! 

Mac Repair Adelaide

Top Case Replacement

Over time, people install programs which aren’t always needed. Removing these programs will speed up your computer. 

Mac Repair Adelaide

Dell Battery

Sometimes a Windows update may fail, or even cause a problem. 

We can update your PC and make sure it’s behaving properly. 

Dell Screens Replacement

Dell Screen Replacement

Laptop Computers need a special tune up protocol as they’re designed to be an all in one unit. 

A well looked after laptop will last many years. 

Dell repair process

Dell Screens Replacement
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Device Inspection

Correctly determining what is wrong with your Dell is important for a quality repair. They have many little quirks which can trip up inexperienced techs.

Free Quotes

We believe that your laptop repair quote should be free. Once we've completed our device assessment you'll get a full written quote.


Once you've approved your Dell laptop quote we'll get to work right away. If your repair is going to take a long time you can always borrow a FREE loan laptop.

Warranty and Follow Up

All of our repairs come with at least 30 days warranty. Some of our repairs come with up to 12 months warranty! Either way we'll follow up with you to make sure everythig is running OK.

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Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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