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HP Laptop Repair Services at Vivid Computers

HP is one of the words most common laptops – so they often come into our shop for repair. 

HP laptop repair some something we’re very good at. From DC jacks to hard drive upgrades we’ve seen it all.

HP Laptop Repair - Common Issues

Mac Repair Adelaide

HP Laptop Hinge

In recent years HP has changed the design of their hinge. 

Unfortunately this design change has not been a good thing with many simply failing from normal use. 

HP Laptop Repair

HP laptop Charging

HP laptops can be a bit “tricky” when deciding not to charge. From bad DC jacks to offmarket charges there’s a lot of reasons why your HP might not charge. 

HP Laptop Repair

HP Laptop Slow

Excessive dust makes your computer hot, which in turn causes it to run very slow. 

HP have custom software which also slows down your machine if it detects a bad battery. 

Mac Repair Adelaide

HP laptop Screen

We replace about 3 HP screens a week. They can fail due to impact, liquid damage or a bad screen connection.

Acer Laptop Repair

HP Laptop Keyboard

HP have one of the mose diverse approaches to laptop keyboards we’ve ever seen. 

Unfortunately for the end user, you don’t know if you’ve got a “good” or a “bad” one until it comes to replacement. 

HP Laptop Repair

HP Laptop Upgrades

Some HP laptops are built tough. If you’re considering replacing or upgrading an HP, why not check our our range of turbocharged refurbished laptops in store.  

HP Laptop repair process

HP Laptop Repair
Mac Repair Adelaide

Device Inspection

All of our repairs come with a free assessment and quote. Our inspection process ensures that we're fixing the cause of the issue.

Quotes on repair / Upgrades

Once the machine is in store, you won't pay any money till you've approved your fully written quote.

HP Repaired

Some repairs take longer than others. As us about a free loan laptop if your repair is going to take a little longer.

Warranty and Follow UP

All our repairs come with a 30 day warranty as minimum. Some of our repairs have a 12 month warranty. Either way we'll follow up with you to ensure everything is working as it should.

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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