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Laptop DC Jack Issues

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Laptop not charging

Sometimes when your laptop doesn’t boot. It is because it’s receiving absolutely no power from your DC jack.

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Laptop charging slowly

A slow charging laptop can be caused by a few things including: 

  1. Underrated DC Charger
  2. Damaged Charger End
  3. Damaged DC Jack Laptop End
  4. Software Limitations
  5. Bad Battery

At Vivid Compueters we can assess your laptop or apple computer and determine the cause of your problem. 

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Laptop No Power

This laptop has no power, the DC jack has been entirely obliterated and needs to be replaced. 


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Laptop Jack Replacement

Out with the old and in with the new! This DC Jack was connected to the laptop with a screw, so it’s a simple repair.

Laptop Battery Replacement

Laptop Slowness

In order to protect your laptop, Dell and HP both have software which limits your computers performance if it detects problems with the charger, or even a non genuine charger / battery!

Soldered v Plug in

Laptop Dc Jack Repair

Some manufacturers solder their DC jacks to the motherboard instead of making them easily removable, that’s why we need to asssess your comptuer (Free) before we’re able to give you a quote!

Our Desktop PC Repair Process

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Computer Repair Store

Device Inspection

We'll find out which part of your computer is broken (DC Jack, Charger or Battery) and how hard it's going to be to repair.

Quotes and Upgrades

Once we know what is wrong we'll give you a quote on this repair and any upgrades we think are necessary.

Tune Up and repairs

Depending on your laptop we might have your part in stock and can get repairing right away.

checkup and Warranty

As long as you don't physically damage your laptop's DC jack, it should last indefinitely! 🙂

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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