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Motherboard Repair


Oh No. You’ve got water on your computer. 

Don’t Panic.

Please shut down your laptop and bring in to Vivid Computers ASAP.

Laptop Motherboard Repair
Flat Rate $400- No Fix, No Fee

Unlike many repairers, we don’t send our board repairs interstate, or even out of the building. 

We’ve invested many years and over $5000 to be able to perform your repair right here. With the latest tools and support from other techs around the world we’ll get your laptop up and running ASAP.

Whats more, because repairs are done in house, we’re able to do a rapid assessment and quote for your board repair. 

Motherboard Repair

Windows and Mac Repaired in Store

We fix your computer in store with our dedicated equipment and experienced technicians. 

James (pictured) has everything required at hand to assess and repair your device in store. 

Motherboard Repair

Short Circuit Repair

This may involve cleaning your comptuer with a special chemical, and replacing or resolding components difficult to see with the naked eye.

Here you can see 3 tiny resistors which need replacing.


Motherboard Repair

Component Level Repair

Component level repair is where we replace individual components on your motherboard and repair the tiny pathways which connect them!

This is very time consuming and difficult process, but if successful the computer should function as if nothing happened. 

Motherboard Repair

Not Booting Laptops

Sometimes a surge or short circuit will result in a computer that doesn’t boot. 

As part of our rapid assessment we can tell what’s going on EVEN if there’s nothing on the screen.

Motherboard Repair

Power Surge

A power surge can also cause your computer to stop working. The surge can damage the internal components and result in a computer that doesn’t turn on. 

Motherboard Repair

Water Damage Repair

Water can ruin your laptop by changing where the electricity is going.

When the electricity cannot complete its normal path, the laptop is said to be “short circuited”

Removing water damage, and restoring the circuit can fix this issue!

Motherboard Repair Process

Motherboard Repair
Motherboard Repair

Rapid Assessment

Do you need motherboard repair? Sometimes you just have a bad screen or a bad battery. We'll check under the hood and let you know!

Quote Approved by you

Once we've done our assessment we're able to give you a quote and an ETA. This can be a bit tricky with board repairs because it's a combination of skill and luck!

Repairs Attempted

We'll start on the repair ASAP but some parts and other components may need to be ordered in. We'll keep you updated whenever something exciting happens.

Happy Laptop

If all goes well you'll be able to collect your laptop good as new. In some cases we're only able to fix the computer enough to recover the data, but we'll keep you informed and up to date either way.

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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