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Refurbished Laptops

A cheaper option without sacrificing on performance. Refurbished, reconditioned or second hand laptops sometimes get a bad wrap. But all our laptops come with at least 3 months warranty, and even up to 1 year in some cases!

What’s more, they can generally be upgraded and repaired long after todays “disposable” computers have died.

Second Hand Laptops

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Home Laptops

We have a great range of laptops which are excellent for home and schooling use. 

Refurbished laptops are also much cheaper to repair if your child breaks a screen. 

We can also upgrade your laptop to meet your schools requirements. 

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Business Laptops

Built for business in a past life, these ex business laptops have typically not seen much use!

(Think ex Government) Priced well over $2000 when new, we expect our business range to serve you well into 4+ years. 

HP Laptop Repair

Built to last

They don’t make them like they used to!

Fragile hinges, soldered down ram, glued in batteries (seriously wtf) and more little tricks make buying a “new” laptop more of a gamble than ever.

Our second hand machines are all upgradable and repariable garaunteed!

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Laptop Quality

If you’re on a limited budget, you’ll get a much higher quality laptop if purchasing second hand.

We’re not talking about CPU and RAM, but the actual strength of the chassis and the feel of the keyboard.

Most cheap and nasty ($600ish) new laptops don’t last more than a year. 

Computer Tune Up

Improve and Upgrade

Older can be better! It’s true here. With the ability to upgrade Ram, HDD, SSD and more in an older laptop you’ll have many years of  happy computing. 

If something does go wrong you’ll actually be able to have it repaired!

Refurbished Laptop For Sale

Our Stock

We have an ever changing range of refurbished and second hand machines, including customer trade ins.

Most of our refurbished computers are around $500 – $650 depending on specs.

Pop in today and take a look at what we’ve got!

Why buy a refurbished laptop?

New Laptops And Desktops
Refurbished Laptops for Businesss

Free Data Transfer

When you purchase a refurbished laptop from Vivid Computers you'll score yourself free data migration from your old to new laptop!

Better Quality for the Price

Cheap, new laptops are made for a very strict price and you wouldn't beleive the corners that are cut! A refurbished computer may have been over $2000 new! so you're getting a much higher quality machine!

Warranty and Upgrade Options

Just because it's older, doesn't mean it runs slow. All our refurbished laptops come with a new SSD drive so they're blazing fast!

Save the Planet - and your wallet

Cheaper for you, and less resource consumption for the planet. It's the logical and sane choice for most people. If like 90% of users you'll be doing Facebook and Emails you're unlikely to need the "PC Master 6000"

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