Virus Removal

Virus Removal comes in all shapes and sizes these days!

You’ve got browser jacking, key logging, boot loaders and worst of all Crypto Viruses which steal your data!

Rest assured Vivid Computers offers prevention AND cure for your computer.

Computer VIrus Removal

What is a computer virus

A computer virus is any code or action taken by another party that makes your computer do something you don’t want it to do.

This could be redirecting your web browser, or redirecting your bank account!

HAcking Scam

Many people fall victim to hacking scams. 

A person on the phone tells them they’ve been hacked, and talks their way into ACTUALLY hacking into your comptuer under the guise of “I’m Helping You”

Nobody will ever call and offer to help you if you’ve been hacked.

Antivirus Protection

Prevention is better than cure.

Ask about Vivid Computers range of Antivirus products including our Managed AV Protection software.

Any alert gets sent straight to our techs and handled right away!

Bank Certification

Been hacked and need to make your bank happy?

We provide a “no longer hacked” certification for your bank so you can get back to your own money!

Crypto Virus REcovery

In many cases files locked to crypto are accessible again – If you’ve been hacked my a crypto virus please bring your computer in and we’ll do an assessment of the situation and a data recovery quote. 

Mac and PC virus

Macs and PC’s both get attacked by viruses. It’s important that you’ve got the best protection and backups possible in order to safegard your digital live. 

Speak to us today about your home and business options. 

Vivid Computers
Based on 150 reviews
Jonathon H.
Jonathon H.
09:08 12 Jul 22
Just had a very good experience with this store today. I just went in there to ask for help with a stripped screw inside of a laptop and they fixed it on the spot. The person working there was very friendly as well. Would come here for anything I can't fix myself and recommend this place to others.
Brett W.
Brett W.
05:47 10 Jun 22
Great assistance. I spoke with Gary on the phone, describing how my pc had no video output. I'd already swapped out monitors, cables and vid cards... still nothing. Gary advised me to try something. He suggested I remove and re-seat my RAM and, after following his clear and simple instructions on what to do, my pc was back. I'd fixed it myself, thanks to Gary, who sure knows his stuff. Well done and thankyou Vivid Computers.
Jill H
Jill H
00:23 16 Mar 22
Highly recommend Vivid Computers. Friendly, efficient service. Dropped off my laptop, received diagnosis and quote for repair that day. Would have been able to pick it up the following afternoon but for COVID hiccup which forced them to close temporarily. Very happy with their work. They will be my go to from now on for any issues I have.
Heated G.
Heated G.
01:23 13 Jul 21
Took my laptop to James and had prompt and effective service to resolve my problem. Highly recommend and will be back for any future IT service requirements. Many thanks
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