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Windows Upgrade Rescue

Windows updates can be a big, daunting task when moving from one major version to another. 

We can make the process as painless as possible helping you keep your files, settings and even programs. 

Windows Upgrade and Repair

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Keep your Files

Having your existing files on your new machine shouldn’t be complicated, but sometimes things go wrong and you can lose everything.

We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen!

Mac Repair Adelaide

Keep your programs

Keeping programs is sometimes a bit more difficult, especially if you don’t have a direct upgrade path or you’ve missed the upgrade window.

At Vivid Computers we’ve got tools and methods we’ve developed in house to get your computer working properly.

Mac Repair Adelaide

Failing upgrades

When an update fails it may take your computer with it!

If your machine is failing on a particular update that you need, we can generally get it working again for you!

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Windows 7,8 and 8.1 Update

Where possible we’re happy to assist with upgrades and issues associated with older versions of Windows. 

We can also help with installation and reinstallation of older Windows versions. 

Mac Repair Adelaide

Windows 10 Updates

Some computers struggle with a few Windows 10 Major Verison upgrades. Sometimes the best option is for us to backup your stuff and do a fresh install. 

Pop into the shop to discuss the process in more detail and a free quote. 

Mac Repair Adelaide

Windows 11

Currently it looks like about 99% of existing laptops are not compatible with Windows 11. 

We hope and expect this to change leading up to the relase and within 6 months after release. 

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