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Vivid Computers is known in Adelaide for fast and reliable computer repairs. We specialise in repairing units rather than simply offering to replace them and we perform computer repairs such as hardware problems, water damage, overheating, display not working and failed hard drives. Regardless of the brand of computer, the team at Vivid Computers is experienced with all kinds of computers and laptops. Whether you require a brand-new screen or a refurbished screen if you’re on a budget, we can help. At times, you simply need to tune up your computer to get it working efficiently and effectively again. We explore options with you to upgrade your Microsoft Windows laptop or desktop computer to make it run like new again. Our expertise and knowledge means you gain excellent results and can potentially have your computer running well for more years. If your computer or laptop cannot be repaired, we offer a range of second hand laptops and desktop computers including Macbooks.

Common Computer Issues

With computer repairs, you can rely on Vivid Computers to provide you with excellent customer service and our team is armed with knowledge and expertise to get your computer running again. There are common computer issues that are infamous and we endeavour to convey these to you. The “blue screen of death” is the common phrase relating to a Windows STOP error which is indicative of a serious issue such as hardware or drivers. It often comes with an error code and you can look up this error code or bring it in for computer repairs by Vivid Computers and we can work with your machine to likely get it back up and running. Missing DLL files which are files ending with “.DLL” is a common computer issue and these hold instructions for programs; they are necessary system files and severe issues can be caused by missing DLL files. Another common computer issue is applications running slowly; this can be caused by different things but the most common is processing power and memory. If you bring in your computer for computer repairs in Adelaide, we can look at what you are running on a regular basis and if the computer is running optimally for you. Malware is common and can be downloaded from a website; once opened, it can potentially damage files and slow down your computer through use of the Central Processing Unit (CPU). If you experience hard drive failure, it is best to bring in your computer for repairs at Vivid Computers. Data can become corrupt on your hard drive or it can fail altogether; it is recommended to back up your data to a peripheral or external hard drive which are easily purchased. A frozen screen can happen any time especially with hardware failure but it can happen with software too; in most cases, you can operate Windows Task Manager and force the application to close, however other times you need to reboot the computer. Another common issue for computer repairs is overheating. Computers naturally heat up but when it becomes too hot, it can cause failures and issues and potentially damage components. If your computer suddenly shuts down or restarts, there could be an issue with the hardware or the software. It is wise to bring it in for computer repairs at Vivid Computers to see what the issue is.


Vivid Computers is proud of our client base and our ability to deliver exceptional customer service. We have many testimonials, one hundred and thirteen Google reviews and we go above and beyond to assist with computer repairs. One client, Verena says ‘brought in my Thinkpad with an odd error. He took it in, had a look at it and two days later I got it back with a solution. Amazing service, really helpful and nice’. Nima Dehghansai says ‘if you want a team that cares for your laptop as much as you, then don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. James and his team are extremely friendly and welcoming. He followed up after a couple of weeks to see how the laptop was doing and helped me fix a major issue electronically without even stepping into the store for a second time. In the process, he saved me the hassle of switching laptops and more importantly, thousands of dollars. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Adelaide for expert advice and laptop repairs’. Further to their testimonials, Ivan and Toni DeFavari reviewed us with ‘James and Gary at Vivid did a great job on my eight-year-old desktop, it’s like a new machine with the new solid state memory. I have been using Vivid for over fifteen years they are friendly, communicative nerds (in the best sense) and I can recommend them’. For computer repairs in Adelaide, look no further than Vivid Computers.

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