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Local legends for laptop repairs in Adelaide, Vivid Computers leads the way with efficient and professional services. Always delivering quality laptop repairs and handing out honest and trustworthy advice, if you need a fast laptop repair, our team at Vivid provides same-day support with no call-out fee. We also offer a hundred percent free quotations on all of our workshop repairs. We understand just how inconvenient not having your laptop functioning can be therefore if we believe that the repair may take a long period of time, we will loan you a machine to utilise so you do not have to worry about getting behind in your work or study. With our repair services starting at as low as fifty dollars, we are results-driven, client-focused and ready to take on any issues that are thrown at us. Whether you have a Windows PC, a MacBook or any other desktop or laptop, at Vivid Computers we have the skills and expertise to work on major brand or model. From screen repairs, to other more serious issues, the advice we give is a hundred percent honest. If you are in need of laptop repairs in Adelaide and are sick of paying exorbitant prices, only to be upsold and leaving you out of pocket with an issue that is only had a band-aid put on it, then contact the team at Vivid Computers for professional and reliable laptop repairs in Adelaide.

Common Laptop Issues for Repair

We have all heard the old adage of “have you tried turning it off and on again?” but if you find that this solution does not solve your problems, then you may need to seek out laptop repairs in Adelaide. There are a range of common laptop issues that many people experience so before going on Google and trying to be your own tech support, contact a professional to get them rectified. One of the biggest issues is the laptop is not charging. This can be an issue with the charger cord or the battery being dirty, but if you have ruled that out by checking the power point, swapping chargers and cleaning the battery, then it is most likely something wrong with your laptop internally. Another issue is the laptop just not turning it on at all. It can mean a rage of things: from your AC Adaptor not working, the battery running flat or just an internal issue with the Central Processing Unit (CPU) or hard drive. Sudden shutdowns and loud rattling noises are always causing from concern. While turning off for no reason can be a sign of overheating and there is a multitude of different sounds that come out of the laptop, they can mean different potential issues with your laptop. If you are in doubt or just want to get your laptop checked, then it is better to be safer than sorry. Take it into a get laptop repairs in Adelaide at a professional and experienced company like Vivid Computers to ensure that not only is your laptop working correctly but there are no underlying issues like viruses.

The Optimum Anti-Virus Software

One of the best ways to keep your laptop safe from needing laptop repairs in Adelaide is to ensure that you have installed a good anti-virus software to protect your computer form viruses. With so many options when it comes to choosing the right anti-virus, the decision can be overwhelming. That is why the best solution is just to go with one of the best, and the best are the most up-to-date offerings from the tried and true brands: Bitefender, Norton and McAfee as well as Trend Micro and Avast. When it comes to protection, it is always important to pick a brand that you trust and when the products have a proven track record like Norton and McAfee, it is hard to pick against a well known name when we are dealing with something as precious and as personal as laptop security. Finding the right anti-virus that is compatible with your computer, along with one that fits your budget, is always the best way to decide what product to pick. If you are unsure, then ask the leaders of laptop repairs in Adelaide, Vivid Computers, for their expert advice and get them to point you in the right direction.

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