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At Vivid Computers we place our selves as a one stop shop for all of your laptop repair needs. Throughout our years of operation we have experienced a diverse range of repair types across various makes, models and systems that has positioned us as specialists in the laptop repairs field. As a commitment to customers who choose Vivid Computers for their laptop repairs, we provide free, no obligation quotes on any repair you wish to have assessed. We find customers like having the peace of mind of being given an idea on how much a repair might cost before committing to handing their laptop over. When you do choose to repair your laptop through us, you receive the comfort of being provided a guarantee on the works for up to six months depending on the type of works carried out on your device. Throughout our experience performing laptop repairs, we often find that the average time it takes our workshop to carry our a repair is typically between within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, however some more technical repairs can take longer which is why we offer our customers a free loan laptop option. This will allow you to continue your operations with less interruptions to your lifestyle by not having a laptop handy. Further to the list of benefits you receive when choosing Vivid Computers is that we specialise in repairing laptops that some other repair services consider not fixable. We’ve seen it time and time again where our customer has previously been told to replace the entire unit, however we’ve managed to save the customers laptop. For your next laptop repairs, reach out to Vivid Computers for your free quote and we can go from there!

Services on Offer

With a focus on laptop repairs, Vivid Computers also does so much more. With specialist laptop repairs services that we have gained throughout our operations we pride ourselves on our ability to repair the irreparable. We’ve seen customers come in with laptops that they believe are a write off and are even asking us about a new system, however once we discuss the issues with their existing device we often find that we have abilities to repair their existing device and also save the customer some of their hard earned money in the process. For this reason we have a loyal base of customers who always return for all their laptop needs. At Vivid Computers we can fix all computer hardware problems from water damage, overheating, display not working, or failing hard drives. Further to our general repair service we can also do screen replacements all on laptops including surface devices. We understand that sometimes paying for a new screen can stretch our customers budget, which is why we all offer the option of screen repair with a refurbished screen. Does your laptop need some TLC? Vivid Computers also have the fix for this. We also provide routine servicing and laptop tune-ups if you find your laptop is beginning to fall behind or maybe it’s not running like it used. If you’re currently experiencing a laptop that’s a little off or needs the latest operating system installed, make sure to bring your laptop to Vivid Computers so we can get your laptop running like the first day you got it.

The Vivid Knowledge on a Second Hand Laptop

As a laptop repairs service and suppliers of pre-loved laptops we have a deep understanding and appreciation for what makes for a good second hand laptop. Just because the laptop has already been used by someone else, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole other life of usage left in the laptop to be enjoyed by the next user. As a starting point when considering a second hand laptop you should sit down and understand your needs required from the laptop. This means considering the kind of applications you plan on running, how much storage will you require and how portable does the laptop need to be. Answering questions like this will provide insight as to the specs required from the laptop. Once you’ve identified the model of laptop you want and you’re looking at the device in person, a visual assessment of the laptop body is essential. Are there any visible cracks or scratches or signs of impact? Also assess that all screws are still in the casing. Missing screws could indicate the laptop has been tinkered with. Another thing to look for is the condition of the screen. Look for any strange colouring or flickers of the screen. If you observe problems with the screen you should think about the price of the laptop repairs on the screen if needed down the track. For a more extensive view on second hand laptops, reach out to Vivid Computers for further discussions.

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