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Lost Files? How Vivid Computers Can Bring Them Back to Life

recover files

Our lives, both personal and professional, are increasingly being kept in the digital age as bits and bytes on hard drives. Losing these files, which include important company records and priceless family images, can range from a small annoyance to a disastrous loss. At Vivid Computers, which is centrally located in Adelaide, we are aware […]

MacBook Repairs in Adelaide: Your Guide to Getting Your Device Back in Shape

In today’s digital age, our laptops play an integral role in both our personal and professional lives. For many, MacBook devices have become an essential tool for work, entertainment, and communication. However, like all electronic devices, MacBooks are not immune to issues and malfunctions. When your MacBook encounters problems, it’s crucial to find a reliable […]

Effective PC Build Troubleshooting Procedures

young male technician wearing gloves fixing computer motherboard with screwdriver for pc build troubleshooting

When building a PC, encountering issues is common and can be frustrating for builders. The good news is that effective troubleshooting procedures can minimize downtime and help maximize performance. In this guide, we will go over the best practices for effective PC build troubleshooting. Troubleshooting Importance for People New to PC Build Building a PC […]

Different Ways To Find A Repairing Computer Company

man repairing computer circuit board laptop

It is not uncommon for a computer to malfunction unexpectedly while in the middle of a task or before an important online meeting with a client. This can happen to anyone at any time. When a computer malfunctions, it can have a significant negative impact on businesses that rely on them for operations. This can […]

Fast and Reliable Computer Repairs

Vivid Computers is known in Adelaide for fast and reliable computer repairs. We specialise in repairing units rather than simply offering to replace them and we perform computer repairs such as hardware problems, water damage, overheating, display not working and failed hard drives. Regardless of the brand of computer, the team at Vivid Computers is […]

Professional and Reliable Laptop Repairs Adelaide

Laptop Repairs Adelaide

Local legends for laptop repairs in Adelaide, Vivid Computers leads the way with efficient and professional services. Always delivering quality laptop repairs and handing out honest and trustworthy advice, if you need a fast laptop repair, our team at Vivid provides same-day support with no call-out fee. We also offer a hundred percent free quotations […]